Türkiye’ye hoşgeldiniz! Welcome to Türkiye where East meets West. Turkey is the land of the early church. So much of the New Testament takes place within its modern borders. Yet today, less than 0.01% of Turks know Jesus. That means you must shake hands with 10,000 Turks to find one who knows Jesus. Turks are a warm, hospitable people, always quick to lend a hand. Family ties go back generations, and every Turk can tell you their ancestral hometown. Yet they live cutoff from the knowledge of the God who loves them and wants to adopt them into His family, from the knowledge that they walk where the apostles walked. The live cutoff from the hope of Jesus. Turkey is a beautiful land of beautiful people. It is a land full of people dying without ever having the chance to hear the Good News of King Jesus. God knows the name of every Turk along with their every want, hope, dream, and fear. He created them in His image, and He loves them. Will you stand in the gap for the Turks?

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