9 million people

<2 percent know Jesus

Live Dead Origins addresses the unique challenges of church planting work in Israel and Palestine. Though the area is geographically small, it represents some 13 million people with an estimated believing community of less than 0.25 percent.

So much history. So many people. So few who know Christ.

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In the land where Christianity was born, Jesus followers are hard to find. Most have heard of Jesus. Few have heard the gospel. Many number themselves enemies of Christ. Most will never meet someone who follows Him.

We are dedicated to bringing Jesus and His gospel back to the land from which it went forth.

Beyond “Religion” — But Prisoners to Its Fears

While most of the people within Live Dead Origins are secular and have left God and religion behind, they are still enslaved to cultural and religious biases that keep them from hearing or understanding the message of the Bible. For those who have not rejected religion, whether Muslim, Jewish, Druze or other, politics often inserts itself to build barriers to gospel witness.

“In the very place where Jesus preached, healed the sick and raised the dead, his gospel of peace is either unknown or completely rejected as religious nonsense or political trickery.”

The Greatest Difficulty

The area that comprises Live Dead Origins is one of the most difficult to obtain long-term residence. Finding reasons that both make sense to locals and fall within the guidelines of government regulations is extremely challenging.

Providing the Possibility of Presence

Yet the Lord is opening doors. The years of involvement and investment in the land are providing unique possibilities and platforms. People groups that have isolated themselves from the outside world now have a gospel presence amongst them.

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