1.4 billion people

2.5 percent know Jesus

Live Dead Chinese World exists to establish churches among the unreached people groups of the Chinese World. We place a special emphasis on four main categories: Buddhism, Islam, folk religion, and secularism. Church planting is accomplished by local ministry teams living among unreached peoples, communicating the message of faith, and making disciples. Live Dead Chinese World serves in the midst of 1.4 billion Chinese people around the world.

A Global Phenomenon

With a history dating back 3,000 years the Chinese World is vast and impactful. The Chinese people number approximately 20% of the total global population. It’s not just their size, but their migration and influence that makes them global. There are as many as 42 million Chinese living across the planet from Iceland to Italy and Slovakia to Sweden. No matter where you are there’s opportunity to engage the Chinese World.


Of the 1.4 billion Chinese more than 92% are still spiritually lost, most of whom have no access to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Within the Chinses World there are more than 460 Unreached People Groups.

Still Without Access

These are lost in the most difficult spiritual traps including Animism, Buddhism, Daoism, Islam, and Secularism. The Chinese World also lives under some of the harshest religious restrictions and monitoring ever experienced.


Live Dead Chinese World is committed to planting the Church among these Unreached People Groups no matter how difficult the task may be. Live Dead Chinese World Teams are finding creative ways to live among and serve these people across the globe, introducing them to the Good News of Jesus Christ.

The Teams

For more than 100 years we have been actively engaging the Chinese World. We have teams serving some of the most spiritually dark and Gospel resistant people groups in the Chinese World. Our teams possess expertise in Chinese history, culture, language, and religions, as well as how to share the Gospel and plant churches among the unreached peoples of the Chinese World.

We would love to have you join the Live Dead Chinese World. You can partner with us through:


Pray for the 1.4 billion spiritually lost and 460+ unreached people groups of the Chinese World. Pray for the teams actively serving among them.


You can give a one-time offering or make a reoccurring commitment to a Live Dead team.


Opportunities exist for short-term trips assisting a team or long-term commitment to serve on a team.

Plain Sight

Due to the rigorous restrictions within the Chinese World our teams do not serve out in the open. Rather, we are hidden in plain sight. We take advantage of creative ways to gain access to the people of the Chinese World. Some teams own businesses, some teach, some do other things. The opportunities are only limited by our lack of creativity. We focus on the unreached people of the Chinese World. We are committed to serving in teams and utilizing out-of-the-box strategies and methods to gain access and communicate the Gospel. Our teams may not look like conventional teams of the past, but they are doing whatever is necessary to take the truth of Jesus Christ to people who have never heard.

The Call

More than 460 unreached people groups in the Chinese World have never heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Will you answer the call to Live Dead and take the Gospel to the Chinese World?