88 million people

84 unreached people groups

1.6 percent know Jesus

Live Dead Iran exists to plant churches throughout Iran, churches that will reflect Christ, close the gaps, and finish the task of reaching the nation. Our ultimate goal is not long-term residency, flawless language proficiency, the cessation of human suffering, or even to win some converts. Our goal is to plant churches that cannot be uprooted and when persecuted only multiply.

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Difficult Persecution

Iran is ranked 5th worldwide for Christian persecution. The penalty for conversion can be death.

Amazing Growth

Iran is ranked number one in the world with 20% Christian growth annually.

Pray and Go

Now is the time to pray for these people. Now is the time for the gospel to be spread throughout Iran.

Iran is not an Arab country and Iranians are Persians

Most countries in the Middle East speak Arabic but we, Iranians, don’t speak Arabic, we speak Persian, our language is also known as Farsi.

Iran is home to Zoroastrianism, one of the oldest religions in the world

The religion was founded by the prophet Zoroaster in the 6th century BC. There are still Zoroastrians living in Iran today. Even though the majority of Iranians are Muslims, some of the main Zoroastrian’s feasts are still celebrated by al. Iranians. Some of these festivities are Nowruz, Yalda, Charshanbe Souri.

Saying yes to Jesus

1 out of 10 Iranians are saying yes to Jesus. Iranians count the cost of what it means to follow Jesus and they are willing to risk imprisonment and or even death.


“When I was 13, my sister and brother-in-law became a Christian. Every day my sister would talk to me about Jesus. But I was very good student of Quran, and I knew my sister was wrong. I worked very hard to prove the bible was wrong so I could tell my sister and brother-in-law that it was bad that they left Islam. The more I worked to prove the bible wrong the more questions I had about the bible and Christian. After several years, I had begun to realize that the bible was true. That Jesus was true. I became a Christian that day. My brother-in-law baptized me in the bathtub in their home began to tell others about Jesus in Iran. My government did not like that. I was arrested and in prison for my believe in Jesus. I was treated very poorly in prison. Many lies the government told me. I was hit really bad in prison. But, I kept my faith. After I was released from prison, I had to escape Iran. But with God’s help, I have planted many churches in my country. Someone asked me if it was worth it. Was it worth my going to prison? Was it worth it leaving my family? Was it worth leaving my country? My whole family believes in Jesus. Was it worth it? Yes, Jesus is worth it all.

Will You Join Us?

Iran is growing despite the persecution – but how can they keep hearing about Jesus unless those who know Jesus goes to them? We need you to join us here to continue the mission of God in Iran. Will you go?