A bridge between the Middle East and Russia, Azerbaijan is a country of beautiful contrasts. Within a few hours, you can travel from the windy Caspian Sea, to rolling deserts and snowy Caucus mountain ranges. Its crowning beauty is found in the people, where European culture meets the warmth of Eastern hospitality. Draped in its Soviet past, you will find rows upon rows of old cement block apartments, yet inside,  you will discover families bubbling with kindness, unwilling to let you leave until your plate is empty and your heart is full. Heartfelt conversations are held over endless cups of tea while laughter fills the room.  Azerbaijanis are proud of their land, cuisine, culture, and their arts. They boldly defend who they are and want to welcome you into their world. These people have known pain and loss, but in their brokenness there is a fiery spirit. They place their hopes in greatly imagined dreams that realistically have very little chance of being realized. What separates them from others is a unique hunger for the spiritual, a desire to dive deep into discussion, and an openness to encounter the Savior – Jesus.  The Azerbaijani people are unreached and have very little access to a gospel witness. Most have never met a believer. But this generation is seeking and are hearing Jesus knocking at their door. One by one they are letting Him in.

People Groups: 41

Population: 9,919,000

Language: Azerbaijani