When Misha first walked into the room where Anya was sitting, he thought someone had been beating her. She was a mess, covered with bruises, staring blankly into space. But her father told them she had been beating herself, punishing herself for almost strangling her 3-year-old son in a demonic fit. The family had intervened and saved the boy in time, but then sent Anya back to her parents’ home. Anya had been demon possessed for 13 years and had three failed marriages. She would often climb up on the roof and scream and curse at anyone walking by.

In desperation, her parents reached out to our Russian friend, Misha, whom they heard about from the new Roma believers in the city. Misha agreed to come pray for Anya. On the way, he picked up two other Roma believers to pray with him, although they really didn’t want to go. All they could talk about on the way were the problems they were having, financially and in their health. But Misha didn’t give them a choice—they were going.

Misha asked her name, but she wouldn’t answer. She simply stared at him with a crazed look. Misha said, “Jesus is going to set you free today.” In a deep, inhuman voice that sounded like more than one voice, as if a whole choir were speaking, she snarled, “No, she’s ours. She belongs to us. She’s cursed.”

Misha began to speak of the power of the blood of Jesus. The demons reacted and convulsed Anya’s body. Misha felt the power of the Holy Spirit come on him, and he placed his hand on Anya and began praying forcefully in a spiritual language. The demons pressed Anya back against the wall. Misha prayed in the Spirit for just a few seconds, and suddenly Anya crumpled to the floor, like a tire going flat. She opened her eyes, looked at her father and said, “Papa, I’m free.” Anya began kissing her father with tears of joy saying, “Papa, I haven’t kissed you for 13 years!” Now Anya was jumping up and down shouting, “I’m free! I’m free!” Her parents were now weeping, and her husband was speechless. Misha was weeping. Other relatives in the room kept saying, “It’s a fairy tale. No one has been able to help her in 13 years.” Anya’s father and mother fell at Misha’s feet, kissing his hands. Others were offering money. With great pleasure, Misha explained, “Don’t kiss my hands. I cannot take your money. It’s Jesus who set Anya free. Worship Him!” The two Roma believers with Misha went home completely amazed. They realized how small their problems really were and that advancing the kingdom of God is what life is all about.

A few days later Misha and the local believers returned to that house and found 40-50 relatives assembled to hear the gospel.

A few days later Misha and the local believers returned to that house and found 40-50 relatives assembled to hear the gospel. Many gave their lives to Christ that day. Word about this event is spreading throughout the Roma communities in this region. Misha now has Roma people calling him and showing up at his door nearly every day to learn about this Jesus that did such a wonderful miracle, and he shares the message of Christ with each of them.

Every believer is called to go

Whether to your neighbor across the street or to the nations across the world. At Live Dead, we exist to take the good news of Jesus Christ to those who have never heard in the countries that have limited to no access to this good news. We seek to mobilize advocates, both individuals and churches, to pray, speak, give, and go for the sake of unreached people groups. How will you join us in this work?