The Persian Couple

I met a couple in the park two years ago as we stood in line to visit a fortress. I had been broad sowing and asking the Lord who I could share with. I heard them speaking Farsi, so I said hello. We talked for a few minutes and exchanged phone numbers. I gave them a hope tract and said, “Jesus loves you! Have a good day!”

Five months later, I received a phone call asking me if we could meet and talk about Jesus. Now, I didn’t know who I was meeting that day, but the Lord knew. In walked this young couple saying, “We want to know who you say Jesus is.” As a teammate and I began to meet with this couple, our language abilities were limited; they only spoke Farsi and I spoke English and broken Farsi. But we agreed to meet and read through the Gospel of Luke together to learn about the life of Jesus. They asked deep theological questions. We prayed and the Holy Spirit led us to scriptures that related to their questions.

Two years later this husband and wife are baptized and filled with the Holy Spirit. This young couple, now my friends, said “yes” to following Jesus, having counted the cost. They prayed and asked the Lord, “Who do you want us to share with?” Then, they simply started sharing with other Iranians they met in parks and through work. They even called family back in Iran asking for forgiveness. The family asked, “Something has changed about you. What is it?” They replied, “It’s because of Jesus Christ.”

This couple is making disciples that make disciples. They have been meeting with several people who they have led to Jesus, but there has been one young man struggling to see that God is a good, loving God. He dissects and picks apart every verse they read together and asks many questions. He struggles to understand, but he is so hungry.

Finally, my friend asked him: “Why do you read the Bible?”

“It’s historical, and it’s the only thing that’s true.” This young Iranian man can see that the Word of God is true. Pray that he will walk in that truth.

Every believer is called to go

Whether to your neighbor across the street or to the nations across the world. At Live Dead, we exist to take the good news of Jesus Christ to those who have never heard in the countries that have limited to no access to this good news. We seek to mobilize advocates, both individuals and churches, to pray, speak, give, and go for the sake of unreached people groups. How will you join us in this work?