I created this playlist during Ramadan. I was praying for the atmosphere over the city, for breakthrough in the unseen realm that surrounds the people here. The first song that came to mind was “God of This City.” Over several days as I prayed for the city, the following songs and prayer requests came to mind.

As you listen, pray these songs as prayers over the cities where Live Dead teams are, and sing them as prayers on behalf of the people lost in darkness without hope.

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Awake My Soul (Hillsong Worship)

* There is a history of the Christian church in the Arab Gulf region. Pray for the revival of the church.
* Pray for the global church to awaken to pray for and sing over the unreached. 

He Lives (Chris McClarney)

* Pray that God would unveil the cross and that the veil on minds and spirits would be taken away.
* Pray that the truth of Jesus’ death and resurrection would be heard and understood by friends.

Holy Ground (Passion)

* Pray that God will show His glory among the unreached, that fear will bow to Jesus.
* Pray that the places of worship will change hands, from places of darkness to light.

King of Kings (Hillsong Worship)

* Sing and pray this song on behalf of a lost friend, believing in faith that they will sing and pray this song themselves one day soon in their own indigenous church.

Be Thou My Vision (Audrey Assad)

* Pray that unreached people will have dreams and visions of Jesus.
* Pray that they will set aside their earthly pursuits for heavenly everlasting ones in Jesus.
* Sing and pray this song from the perspective of a lost friend, believing they will one day sing it.

Be Enthroned (Shane & Shane)

* Pray for the generations and families, that they will join in the eternal praise of God.
* Pray that entire families will come to Jesus together, drawn by His great love for them.

God of This City (Bluetree)

* Sing this song as a declaration over the cities where Live Dead teams serve.
* Pray that the Holy Spirit will awaken the hearts of the lost around us.

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