One morning I was reading Ezekiel 37 (The Valley of Dry Bones) and Ephesians 5, specifically verse 14, “Wake up, sleeper, rise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you.” As I finished reading, the chorus of Matt Maher’s song “Alive Again” came to mind. I hadn’t heard or listened to that song in a long while, so I opened Spotify and searched for it.

You called and You shouted
Broke through my deafness
Now I’m breathing in and breathing out
I’m alive again

You shattered my darkness
Washed away my blindness
Now I’m breathing in and breathing out
I’m alive again

I hit “play” and listened, and when the chorus (above) began, I started praying for my two dearest Muslim friends, I started praying on their behalf. As I so often do, I sang the words, prayed the words from their point of view, in faith believing that they will one day sing this song to their Savior Jesus Christ.

I repeated the song a time or two before other songs started to come to mind: “Awake My Soul,” “Bones,” and “Come Alive,” songs that spoke of dry bones coming to life, life returning, light breaking through blindness and darkness, songs that spoke of awakening. This playlist “Alive & Awake” is the result.

As you listen and pray along with these songs, pray for the dead to come to life, for the dry bones to come alive, for the blind eyes to see the light of Jesus. Pray them as songs of intercession for the lost and unreached. Pray that they will hear and see the beckoning of the Holy Spirit.

To listen to the playlist on Spotify, click here.

Full Playlist:

“Awake My Soul” – Hillsong Worship, Tasha Cobbs Leonard
“Awake My Soul” – Chris Tomlin, Lecrae
“Alive Again” – Matt Maher
“Bones” – Hillsong United
“Glorious Day” – Passion, Kristian Stanfill
“Come Alive (Dry Bones)” – Lauren Daigle
“Dry Bones” – New Life Worship
“Dry Bones” – Worship Central, Nikki Fletcher
“Come Alive” – Hillsong Worship
“Wake Up” – Kristian Stanfill
“Wonder” – Hillsong United
“Great Things” – Phil Wickham
“Here for You” – Matt Redman
“Awakening” – Passion, Chris Tomlin

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