Of all peoples on earth, we are most blessed. We know that we have eternal life. Through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ we have assurance of living forever in His presence with no sin, death, night, tears, pain, sickness, or evil. Of all men and women, true followers of Jesus then are not afraid to die. Who is afraid of death when beautiful forever life with Jesus—the sum of all our hope, delight, and longing—awaits us?

This is why we can joyfully say to the world: “You can have our ventilator!”

When global plagues stalk the earth, no one is more ready to die than true followers of Jesus. We should, therefore, be last in line for medical attention. We should give up our right to be cured temporarily for those who have no assurance of salvation, for those who are not right with Jesus.

I am not saying we refuse health care at any level; I am just saying that if there is a shortage of it, we give our place to the next person in line. Having our eternal guarantee of life, we yield our place to the one who perishes both now and forever. If there is enough for all, we will gratefully be served, but if there is a shortage, we should be the ones to serve the community by dying. Why? Because we know we have eternal life, and they don’t.

Think of the witness and of the impact if Christians globally laid down their lives for non-Christians by electing, wherever there is a shortage, to give their ventilator (hospital bed, medicine) to those who do not yet know Jesus! Think of the power of the gospel if millions of us died so that others could escape death now—that they might not die forever. Could there be a better testimony than “Christians so love the world that we give our one and only temporal life that our neighbor not perish, but have time to find belief, have time to be found by the Savior”?

Do we really believe in eternal life or not?

Is it really supremely better than anything in this current reality or not?

Does greater love mean anything else?

Why can’t we together declare to the world that they can have ours? Our life, our ventilator?

They can have our chance at this life that they might have further opportunity at eternal life.

And let’s not be pompous about it, for the truth still is, that to live is Christ, to die is gain. We are not being heroic; we are just going home.

I envision Christians everywhere donning a simple badge or sticker that simply says, Eternal Life. Then when we are taken to hospital, or when long-serving and overworked physicians are doing triage, making the unimaginable choice on who to save, we do them this small kindness. Looking at our “life” and our peaceful smile, they can give our ventilator to someone else. We can die in peace and go on to our eternal joy, our last act reflecting in some small way Jesus’ greatest one. Since we have the assurance that we will breath forever, the world can have our breathing machine here. They can have ours.

Dick Brogden
Saudi Arabia

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