“I have always believed that the Good Samaritan went across the road to the wounded man just because he wanted to.”

Wilfred Thomason Grenfell

TODAY’S READING: Jeremiah 32–34

A Mediterranean mother watched her son parade with his colleagues. She beamed with pride saying, “Well, would you look at that? All those fellows are out of step except my boy!” Jehovah must beam with the same parental pride at His prophetic and missionary people who are so out of step with prevailing tendencies. Jeremiah spoke out for national surrender when patriots called for rebellion. Jeremiah spoke out against how big church functioned when numbers seemed to indicate success. Jeremiah spoke out for exile when the populace surged for independence. Then in prison for his pains, Jeremiah bought land just when all the indications of his messages of disaster would come true. God’s prophetic and missionary people are ever out of step with the times, so far ahead that we appear to lag behind.

Jeremiah anticipated the time when God would restore His people to their land and establish the new covenant. He saw exile coming before pontiff, prophets, and populace were willing to see it, and he saw redemption before any exiled spirit could begin to hope. Jeremiah saw before any person of his day that God would do great things in Egypt, Israel, and among all men, for nothing is too hard for Him (32:17, 20).

Nothing is too hard for Jesus. Pakistan is not too hard. It’s an easy thing for the God who made the heavens and the earth to save Rajput Muslims. The promise to gather from all countries historically applies to Israel and missiologically applies to all peoples. How sweet is the God of all power who will gather from all nations, shield from His wrath, adopt as His people, grant them one heart and one way, care for their children, guarantee their eternity, and do them good with all His heart and soul (32:36–41). All this is an easy thing for the One who made the heavens and the earth by His great power. The omnipotence that Jeremiah prophecies tied to the glory of God in all the earth, among all peoples. We would reserve God’s mighty power for our own enhancement; He reserves it for His glory among all peoples.

It’s not only God’s omnipotence that is intended to play out on the global, all nations stage—it’s also His omniscience. When invited to call on Him that we see unknown great and mighty things (33:3), that call is answered missiologically as well. God will honor His people before all nations of the earth by establishing His eternal king over all the earth, a kingdom that will include all nations, a host innumerable and a reign unending (33:9, 15, 22). God’s infinite powers cannot possibly be tamed or restricted to our parochial lives or our particular nation. The alls of God were ever intended to awe all the earth, all the cosmos, all the nations. If God applies His infinite power and knowledge to His glory among the nations, then I suppose our finite powers should likewise be applied. Essentially, whatever knowledge or power we possess is for the singular purpose of glorifying Jesus among all peoples.

Prayer Focus: Pakistan

Today’s Unreached People Group: Rajput (Muslim Traditions)
Population: 17,488,000
Language: Punjabi, Western
Primary Religion: Islam
Evangelical: 0.0%
Estimated Workers Needed: 350

[Source: Joshua Project]

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