We have a Russian friend from a local church who joined us for our prayer meetings and gospel sowing in the city—and she even goes out sowing on her own! Recently, she met a Central Asian lady and shared the message of Jesus with her. When she followed up later, she gave the lady a New Testament in her native language and showed her a gospel presentation video in that language. By the end, the lady teared up and said she believed that Jesus paid for her sins. Our friend was then able to lead her in a prayer of repentance! Hallelujah!

Our friend then told the lady that they must share this good news with others. This is a huge win for so many reasons. Of course, a soul has been added to the family of God, but we also believe this will be a great faith-builder for our friend. The fact that she immediately told this woman to share the good news shows that she grasps the idea of seeing new believers multiply. We believe this will encourage her to continue laboring to reach the unreached with the gospel. The Lord of the harvest is at work!

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