At a recent Chi Alpha SALT conference, I met a Saudi exchange student who got radically saved in Chi Alpha a year ago. He has been filled with the Holy Spirit and is excited about returning to Saudi Arabia to see a church planting movement among his people. He doesn’t have that terminology yet, but he said, “I have this vision of my baptism in water. I see myself coming out of the water and light spreading to my family’s faces from me and then points of light all across my nation of Saudi Arabia.”

In a session at the conference, a Chi Alpha leader was speaking about peace over anxiety. The Holy Spirit quickened this young Saudi man to leave the session as the speaker continued, called his brother back home in Saudi Arabia, and told him that he now was a follower of Jesus, knowing the consequences of that witness.

Just that morning I had prayed for a Paul for each of the thirteen districts of Saudi Arabia, and then I encountered this brand new Saudi MBB (Muslim background believer), full of faith and love for Jesus.

This young man is working on his master’s degree in informational technology management systems, and I shared how we want to use media to find seekers in his country and how his skill could help in that regard. He was overjoyed. He lives in a nearby Texas city and we have plans to meet and dream about what we can do together to reach Saudi Arabia.

His hope is to return to his country and to see Jesus glorified by his nation, every tribe. Pray with us for this young believer to become a disciple that makes disciples to see the church planted among the Saudi people of Saudi Arabia.

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