“This is the grand purpose for which we were created: to enjoy the grace of Christ as we spread the gospel of Christ from wherever we live, to the ends of the earth.”
David Platt

TODAY’S READING: Genesis 4-7

The Genesis record is a historical one; salvation history unfolds in the context of the whole earth and all the nations. Eve knows there is a problem. She understands a divine answer will come from her seed, and so she says in Genesis 4:1, literally, “I have brought forth a man, even the Lord.” Walter Kaiser says, “Eve thought that the birth of her first son would be the answer to the promise of Genesis 3:15, and that this male descendent would be divine… While her instincts were correct, her timing and identifying abilities were not.”[1] The fullness of time had not yet arrived. Cain was not the Messiah, but he would serve in other ways. From his line would come the development of cities (4:17), nomadic pastoralists (4:20), music (4:21), and metal workers (4:22).

Most importantly, Cain illustrates that there is a brotherhood of man and that we are responsible for one another (4:9–10). We are responsible for one another’s blood physically as Abraham Lincoln soberly reminded a divided nation when framing civil war as God’s judgment on slavery: “Every drop of blood drawn by the lash shall be paid by another drawn with the sword.”[2] We are responsible for one another spiritually. Believers who have received salvation must broker it to their brothers (of every race) who have not.

Genesis does not allow us to escape the interconnectedness of the peoples of earth. The genealogy of Adam in Genesis 5 is echoed by the Sumerian King list in southern Mesopotamia.[3] The listing is of the kings of Sumer and Accad with a flood account and similar long reigns before the flood with shorter spans after. The flood itself is echoed in the Near East tales of Gilgamesh and Atrahasis. Humanity has a common start and a common problem—we are all wicked and every thought of our heart is evil continually (6:5). We have fallen together and we will be rescued together. Shem, Ham, and Japheth all had to be rescued in the same ark. All Noah’s sons, Jews, Arabs, Ethiopians, Iranians, and Turks (Shem); Egyptians, Somali, Berbers, and Tuaregs (Ham); and Germans, Koreans, Finns, and Indians (Japheth) were rescued by the same cross.

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Prayer Focus: Albania (3 UPGs)

Today’s Unreached People Group: Gorani
Population: 36,000
Language: Serbian
Primary Religion: Islam
Evangelical: 0%
Estimated Workers Needed: 1

[Source: Joshua Project]

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