At the end of each of our English classes, we have a time of small group discussions with our students. It’s great time for them to practice their English and for us to get to know our students better.

Yesterday during this discussion time, I sat in a small circle with a group of young Muslim women and one married couple. I arrived a little late to the conversation, but they were talking about their holy city of Mecca. The married couple shared that they had the opportunity to visit the city a few years back. As they shared, the young girls became very excited and began clapping and congratulating them for this accomplishment in the Muslim faith.

The man then looked at me and said, “You’re a Christian, right?” I quickly replied, “Yes, I follow Jesus.” Before I could say anything more, they all began talking about Jesus and who He was. They shared about Him being a good prophet and that they don’t believe He died but that He will come back to earth.

After listening for a little while, I asked them if I could share what I believe. They quickly agreed. I shared that in the Bible it says that Jesus himself said that He is the way, the truth and the life and that no person can go to God except through Him alone. I also shared that Jesus said He is the Son of God and asked if this is true, isn’t He more than just a prophet?

Immediately, they started to give me all the typical answers such as: “Teacher, he was just a prophet. How could God have a relationship with Mary that would cause her to become pregnant? It isn’t possible.” I then said, “So a prophet is a person that is honest and full of integrity, right? A prophet cannot tell a lie, right?” They said, “Of course, teacher!” I asked the simple question, “Who did Jesus say He is?”

Shortly after, the bell rang and our time together finished. One of the young girls ran over to me and said, “Teacher, please read the Quran. It will explain everything.” I looked at her and said, “Can I give you something to read as well?” She agreed. I asked her to read the Gospel of John and see who Jesus is. She said, “OK, I will do it!” After the young girl walked away, the married couple approached me and the husband asked me if I would give them a Bible. He said that he would like to read it every day as he is reading other religious books.

Praise God for these open doors to share the truth about Jesus and also to give the words of Jesus to these inquisitive students. Pray their hearts will be enlightened and they will see Jesus clearly as they read these Scriptures. Pray the questions about who Jesus says He is will burn in their hearts and they will not rest until they find that He is the only way.

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