We were recently introduced to a city groundskeeper from Uzbekistan while he was on his break. As we started asking him questions about his culture, the man expressed he was fed up with the deception that often occurs among his fellow Muslims.

“What have you done to please the Almighty?” we asked him, and he proceeded to recite a list of the Muslim rules he follows.

Then we asked him if he knew that he was forgiven, and he said he knew that he was.

Finally, I asked the man how or on what basis he had been forgiven. He stopped short, thought for a moment, and said, “I don’t know!” I could see that he was hungry to know how he could be certain of salvation and that he was dissatisfied with his fellow Muslim believers. But then he needed to return to work. We asked him if he wanted to get together for tea later and talk about these things, and he excitedly invited us to go with him to an Uzbek restaurant sometime.

Pray for the Father to prepare this man’s heart to receive the message of Jesus!

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