I spent most of today at the home of a student. She is originally from Sudan but has lived here for more than 20 years. We quickly became friends at the beginning of the year when she started attending classes at our school.

Today was the first opportunity I’ve had to visit her home. We talked, laughed, and ate more Middle Eastern food than you can imagine. She shared with me that she had no friends before coming to our school, but now finds that she has many friends. She was told that Americans were not very nice, but she’s happily found that not to be true. She welcomed me so graciously into her home and showered me with hospitality. I walked away feeling as though I had spent a day with family. As I left, she embraced me tightly and said, “I love you! Please come back anytime. You don’t even need to call.”

I got in the car fighting back tears as I reflected on my time with her and the thought of her lostness. I have prayed lately that God would help me to continue to feel the lostness around me. I don’t want it to become normal.

Please pray for my sweet friend and her family. Pray that our relationship will continue to grow and her heart would be soft soil so as seeds are planted, they will take root. Pray for all the missionaries that live among the unreached. Pray that we would continue to see the lostness around us and be driven to do all we can to see that our friends spend eternity with us.

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