I recently received a call from a sweet lady that works for some team members. She said she faced a problem and needed to talk with me.

As she walked into the living room, she explained that her father had just passed away. He was battling cancer, and she just received the news a few hours earlier from her siblings. As I embraced her, we both wept and I prayed in the best Swahili I could.

After many tears, I asked how I could help her. She shared her need for money to travel to the mainland to handle the affairs as she is the oldest child. Having lost my own father two years previously and also being the oldest in my family, I felt the weight and urgency to get home. She began her journey by boat later that day and traveled the remainder of the way by bus.

She shared that her father knew Jesus and for that we rejoice!

Pray for Wynonna as she is with her family. Pray that God would surround them with His presence and send comfort to their mourning hearts, and that He would receive all the glory in the midst of this pain.

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