A few weeks ago, I met a student from a very conservative Muslim country in the Horn of Africa. (She actually grew up in Saudi Arabia.) She was happy to meet us and she seemed open to the message of Christ. We met a few times, during which I shared how Jesus has changed my life and we looked at some scriptures together.

About a week ago, she decided to follow Jesus! We were discussing the story of the prodigal son, which she loved. We talked about how our heavenly Father longs for a relationship with each of us and how He offers forgiveness. I told her that relationship and forgiveness is a gift through Jesus and asked if she wanted to receive that gift. She said she did, so she repeated a prayer to receive forgiveness through Jesus in her heart language of Arabic! She said she felt it in her heart, and I told her that was the Spirit of God who lives in followers of Jesus!

Hallelujah! The Lord of the Harvest is moving. Pray for this young woman, that she will follow Jesus boldly, no matter what, and that many more people will come to know Jesus through her.

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