Effiom is a North African student with a strong cultural Muslim background, and he’s been meeting regularly with Michael to read through the Gospels.

Their story originated from a lot of prayer. Michael regularly prays to meet people of peace, people who would welcome him into their circle of friends and be receptive to the message of Christ. After all, this was who Jesus directed His disciples to focus on as well.

Effiom is a very sincere seeker of God and was very transparent about some of his doubts about the Qu’ran and frustrations with Islam. Over tea, he expressed things that Michael had never heard a Muslim say before. Effiom agreed to read through one of the Gospels and has been taught the truth of God’s love for him. He sees the flaws of Islam and is counting the costs to follows Jesus.

We stand in the compassion, power, and love of Jesus to bring Effiom to true freedom.

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