After our Easter church service, my husband, new team members, and I went into town for brunch. As we neared town, two police officers stopped us to greet us and to check our registration.

They quickly greeted us with two questions: “How is your Easter?” and “Where is my Easter gift?” In this culture, gift giving is huge and people look for all sorts of reasons to give and receive gifts.

I quickly reached into my purse and pulled out a Swahili New Testament. After receiving it, with big smiles on their faces, one of them exclaimed, “Oh, it’s an Injil! Now we have something to read.”

Just a few hours earlier in church, my husband led us in a time of dedicated prayer for our police officers and military to have encounters with Christ. I believe God is moving in the hearts and lives of people of influence across our land. He is giving us strategic opportunities to spread the Word. So thankful that the Word of God goes forth and accomplishes much!

Will you join us in praying for continued encounters with the lost and opportunities for people to receive truth?

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