Over the course of two hours, Abdullah ran to and from the kitchen, stopping whenever he could at the table where Mike and his three friends sat. This was the group’s second time eating in this restaurant, and this 21-year-old cook had been the perfect picture of Caucasian hospitality. Two nights before, Abdullah had handed each of them a pole to catch their own fish from the pond out back, and then he insisted they enjoy the meal free of charge.

Mike and his friends asked Abdullah about his faith. He answered, “I’m supposed to be Muslim, but I actually haven’t chosen yet.” They then shared with Abdullah about the hope found in Jesus. “You have to be able to answer for yourself: how can my sins be forgiven?” they said, “and Jesus has the answer for that.”

When it came time to leave, Abdullah once again refused to let them pay for their dinner. “You are the first true Christians I have ever met,” he said. “It was an honor to spend time with you.”

Please pray the gospel message resonates in Abdullah’s heart and leads him to accept Christ’s gift of salvation.

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