This evening another team member and I went to visit some of our neighbor ladies. Among them we especially wanted to find one woman, Mandy.

We greeted them with oranges and an Injil (New Testament) in Swahili. As Mandy pulled the book from the bag, I explained to her that this book was my favorite book and I wanted her to have it. She was absolutely giddy, though she had no idea what it was when she first saw it.

I challenged her to begin reading it and shared that I would like to talk more about what she reads. She agreed. I prayed that in the few hours before she went to bed, she would open the Word of God and see Jesus clearly for the first time.

Will you join us in praying for Mandy right now? Pray for our language skills to increase so we can have more meaningful conversations in her and her people’s heart language.

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