I received a phone call from the other side of the world today from my sweet friend Sunny (my husband and I recently returned home for a furlough). Sunny and her family live in our 99 percent Muslim context, but they are strong believers. Sunny constantly shares her faith and shows the love of Jesus to our Muslim friends. However, she grew up in a strict Muslim home and for over a decade has struggled with telling her family the news of her conversion. Together we have prayed and fasted as we know sharing this news has been a desire of hers.

When she called, she exclaimed, “I have news! I told my family!” She was surprised that they weren’t angry and that they didn’t disown her immediately. Instead, they tried to convince her that she made a mistake and they tried to bring her back to Islam. Sunny, however, was and is unmoved, and she believes even more than ever for the salvation of her family.

Telling one’s family you decided to leave Islam and follow Jesus is a daunting task. Most of us can’t imagine all that it requires of a person, and yet we know it must be done. In fact, we’re learning that if longevity is the goal, this should be the first thing someone does once she or he makes the decision to follow Christ.

Pray for our friend, that her faith is strengthened through this time. She knows the enemy could easily use this to keep her from sharing her faith with others. Declare with us that she will walk in increased boldness and confidence in the Lord!

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