I recently met with Frank again. He continues to walk with a limp, but finally after six months since the motorcycle accident, he walks without a cane. He swims to strengthen his leg which, short of a miracle, will never be the same.

Frank told me that he hasn’t been the same since the accident, that God has been talking to him. For the first time, he gave me details about how the government had an open case against the driver who hit him and was moving ahead to prosecute him. But one day, Frank felt led to forgive the driver and drop the police case against him. He said he knew money couldn’t heal him. He told the man to his face, “I forgive you.” This decision brought Frank great freedom to move ahead with his life and look forward to his future.

This opened the door for us to talk for two more hours about original sin, our sins, and Jesus’ forgiveness through His death on the cross. Frank listened attentively and asked to meet with me again very soon.

Keep praying for Frank! Pray that he will embrace the gospel and that God will continue to speak to him.

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