“I have a question. How do you have a good marriage for 32 years?”

This was one of the questions Maggie asked when she and her husband sat in our home this weekend. We tried to convey that first, we each have a relationship with God individually and then we make Jesus the center of our marriage. We explained that He is our strength.

We shared some personal stories glorifying God and then Maggie wanted to share with us a personal story about her first marriage. It was a sad story involving much pain. Our hearts melted as she unfolded the details. My wife spoke softly and spoke as God led her, and Maggie allowed us to pray for her. She and her husband would like to meet with us weekly for awhile.

Pray for this family that the Holy Spirit comes into the center of their marriage and that they come to know Jesus Christ. And pray that they will be able to commit to meeting and studying about Him.

(Live Dead Africa Swahili Coast team)

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