Yesterday I met with a former student. She wanted to share some ideas she has for the community. First, she expressed her desire to go into the prison and help prisoners learn about a sustainable life through agriculture. She also told me that she’s spending a lot of time with local women who are addicted to drugs and living on the streets, and she shared her desire to see these women change their lifestyles and find a way forward to sustainable income and a better overall lifestyle.

I was amazed to hear the words that she used, that she was “planting and watering seeds” and that she trusts she will “see a harvest.” How amazing to hear a young Muslim woman practicing biblical concepts! She has already reached out to five women who are actively pursuing change in their lives and gets excited when she thinks about these women influencing other women to do the same.

She then shared a story about a young woman addicted to cocaine who shared with her about her desire to find love and acceptance and to be free from her addiction. This young woman said that she wanted a new life. As I listened to my friend share, I asked God to open a door to proclaim Him in this conversation. This story gave me the perfect opportunity to share that all of us were created with a desire to be loved and that the only relationship and love we will ever find to fully fulfill us is with God. I shared Jesus’ words that He is the way, the truth, and the life, and that no one can get to God except through Him. Only in Jesus will we find everything for which we search. We will never have true life and happiness without Him.

We then talked about how nothing can separate us from the love of God and that we are the ones that separate ourselves with God through our sin. I shared the story of Adam and Eve and how their disobedience separated them from God, but when they asked for forgiveness, God forgave them—and He will do the same for us.

Just as my friend plants and waters seeds, hoping for a harvest, my heart does the same for her. What an amazing follower of Jesus she will be! I look forward to seeing how God uses these conversations to make Himself more alive to her. Please join me in prayer for my sweet friend!

(Africa’s Swahili Coast Ancient Doors team)

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