Yesterday, I visited a friend who works as a mechanic on small engine repair. As I approached his shop, I could barely recognize his face. About a week earlier, he was working on a generator and hot oil sprayed on the majority of his face. The burns on his lips are so severe that it’s difficult for “Gary” to even speak. As he described what happened, he told me, “These scars will change me,” referring to his facial appearance.

God uses opportunity as difficult and painful as they might be. I shared how I have been changed by scars also. I could tell he was confused because I do not show any visible scars. I continued to explain how Jesus bore many scars on His body for my sin, so that I can be forgiven and stand blameless before God. I echoed his words, “These scars changed me.”

We ended our time together by praying that Jesus would heal Gary and provide rest as it is difficult for him to sleep with the pain.

Join us in praying for Gary. Believe with us that as Gary’s face heals, his spirit will as well. Believe with us that Gary will be truly changed by scars, not his own, but those that were taken on his behalf by our Savior, Jesus, the Son of God.

(From the Swahili Coast team)

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