I arrived at the school for a staff meeting, which turned into more than just a staff meeting. It became a divine appointment, an opportunity for the miraculous. One staff member had been talking with a girl in one of our classes for several weeks. They had been sharing about their past, and the staff member had been sharing a testimony of God’s faithfulness.

As I arrived at the school, the staff member pulled me aside, saying he wanted to introduce me to this young lady, Zee. He excitedly told me that she was open to hearing about Jesus. After the three of us talked for some time and we shared more testimonies, we asked if she would like to pray. With tears running down her face, she replied, “Yes.” I led her in the prayer of repentance and acceptance of Jesus in her life! Later, Zee texted me and said, “I’m so happy! I’m not alone any longer. I love you, Mom.” Now, I, along with other ladies on our team, are joining together to disciple her further.

After some time, Zee shared that she had been tormented for a long time by a demonic spirit in her sleep. The spirit would come and do horrible things to her. This caused her to sleep very little due to fear. After she told us this, we explained that Jesus promises that when she lays her head down to rest at night, He will give her sweet peace and rest, and we encouraged her to pray for His peace before she sleeps.

Later that week, she told us that she was able to sleep so peacefully for two nights. She shared that the demonic spirit had come to visit her in her sleep one of those nights, but this time it was unable to come close to her. Instead, it pointed at her from afar and screamed, “I know that you now have people with you, helping you pull away from me, but you will not win.” We shared that the blood of Jesus now covers her. His power is greater than any demonic spirit or Satan. We encouraged her to continue praying in the name of Jesus and told her that at the very mention of His name, demons have to run.

Yesterday, Zee fell into my arms in tears as she walked through the door. She just received a call that her dad (who is in prison currently for wrongful accusations) was unconscious. Her father is diabetic and had not received food or his insulin since he was imprisoned days before. Her mom was falling in and out consciousness and on the edge of a mental breakdown in the midst of it all.

I held her in my arms, crying out to Jesus for her family. After we regained our composure, we spoke life over this situation in Jesus’ name. She explained that if her parents die, she would be responsible for her nine siblings as she is the oldest—a huge burden to bear for a 23-year-old. That day, we already planned to read stories in Matthew about Jesus healing the sick and setting people free from demonic possession, so this was a great opportunity to continue to speak truth about who Jesus is and His desire for us to be whole in Him.

The enemy is fighting hard to keep Zee bound by anxiety, and she is learning so soon what it means to walk with Jesus in the midst of uncertainty. Pray for her today. Pray for her family.

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