Yesterday, we visited a future school site in a very unreached part of our area. We took some guests there to do a prayer walk and treasure hunt for some new friends that might be open to the gospel.

As we walked, a young girl ran up to me and threw her arms around me as if we were long lost friends. I remembered her from a similar walk I did with another group previously, perhaps two months ago. She invited us in and we sat with her and her mother for some time, talking and getting to know each other more. Her mother told me the girl asked about me often. In fact, she just asked her mother that morning if she thought I would come to see them again soon.

Up to that point, I had only had a 5-minute conversation with this girl, but in that five minutes, she found something (or Someone) drawing her to watch and wait for me to return…for two months! She was overjoyed to have us. We talked about many things including faith and Jesus. Her grandfather is a sheikh, a local religious leader. I left her with some questions to ask him so that when I return again, we can continue our discussions.

She seems open and hungry for what we have to offer. Would you stop and pray for “Rose” and her whole family today, that they would all be drawn to the truth of Christ?

Also, pray for more laborers. Rose’s story represents many in this area. They want to please God, but Islam is the only answer they’ve ever been given. She is hungry, willing, and waiting for another influence. We have an open area, but no workers to go with us. Would you ask the Lord of the Harvest to send people to work alongside us for His harvest?

(From Live Dead Africa’s Swahili Coast team)

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