“I love you.”

These are the words that Zoe, in her soft voice, spoke to Karen in front of the class.

Zoe is the young mother of four whose mother passed away a few weeks ago. Karen and I went to her home to help her with the lessons she had missed in that time, and we were able to meet some of her family and a very close friend. Toward the end of our visit, I asked Zoe and her friend if we could pray. Karen insisted we all hold hands. I took the lead and prayed for her in Jesus’ name. Afterwards, the ladies all hugged necks, laughing and smiling from ear to ear.

Then the other night in class, Zoe quietly spoke in front of the class about how much her teachers care, and she ended by telling Karen she loved her.

Pray that God will use our relationship with Zoe to bring her comfort and to open more and more doors of prayer and proclamation.

(From Africa’s Swahili Coast team)

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