A particular student comes early and stays late to talk to teachers and other students. The conversation is always about God, life, and important things.

Here is a snippet of our conversation about prayer:

Me: What’s more important: the time you pray or the heart you pray with?

Student: Your heart! And then you must pray at specific times every day.

M: What if you pray at the right times, but your heart is unclean?

S: It’s not good.

M: Then how do we get a clean heart?

S: By reading the Qur’an.

M: But that’s the exterior. That is outside. How do we clean our hearts inside?

S: Yes, this is important. We need to talk about this.

We love that many opportunities come through relationships with our students. Pray for continued favor with the community and more students to be drawn to this place.

(The Forgotten Islands team)

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