We happened to choose the hottest weekend of the summer to spend time with a Muslim family. I sat in the hot kitchen, sweat dripping down my back, cutting tomatoes and trying to imagine what her life must be like. The mother had been cooking all morning. Her life is so different from mine. She works from morning until night, her world constrained to a tiny village, and her husband often absent.

We talked about how my husband and I met, how the Father supernaturally brought us together, and how He’s shown me that His will for my life is good. My heart hurt as I realized how differently she sees her relationship with Allah. She always seems to be striving and working to prove herself good enough.

That weekend, my husband shared the gospel with the men of the house and one of our teammates shared with the two oldest daughters. As we left, we gave them a copy of Luke in their native language. We all sensed a deep spiritual resistance and a pride in their righteousness according to Islam. Their lives are so different, but their need of a Savior is the same.

Pray with us for this family. Pray that they will have a revelation of their need for Jesus and His grace.

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