Last night, a few team members met with some students outside school. They spent several hours walking, eating, and having great conversation.

When the conversation turned to the Quran, a team member asked one student to share his favorite story. Immediately he mentioned Yussef (Joseph in English). We listened as “Ali,” our Muslim student, described the story of Joseph fleeing from Potiphar’s wife. It’s always exciting to discuss shared stories that our two faiths hold in common.

From this story, we talked about how to remove yourself from sin. Joseph chose to run away, to be separated from sin. A team member asked the two students, “How do you separate yourself from your sin?” One answered, “You must ask Allah, and Allah will take away your sin.”

This was the open door to presenting Jesus. From our conversation, we all agreed that only God can forgive sin. No priest, no pastor, no sheikh, or no imam can forgive sin, only God. One team member loves connecting everything back to Jesus. “If only God can forgive sin, how could Jesus say, ‘Your sins are forgiven’?” he asked.

Please pray for these students, Ali and Olly. They are open to discussing their faith but oppose Jesus’ deity. Pray alongside this team that this question will continue to build in these young men’s minds and hearts.

We believe that another dot was connected in their journey to their understanding and acceptance of Jesus as Lord. Believe with us today!

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