As I chatted with a local shopkeeper the other day, another customer was leaving and stopped to say goodbye to the shopkeeper. He greeted me also and I commented on his impressive English. He told me of his studies in India and asked what we were doing here on the island. I explained we have an English center for adults. He asked more questions about it, and I gave him the information, expecting another potentially interested student. We have these conversations frequently; it’s easy to be tempted to treat each one as mundane and not see the person behind the advertising (I admit I have done that before).

As we finished talking and he left, the shopkeeper grabbed my hand and whispered for me to wait. She asked me if recognized who that was. She then pointed to the picture of the president on the wall and said, “It’s his son.” You never know with whom you’re interacting, and we praise God for every open door and favor.

Let’s all remember to be intentional and to love well every person with whom we interact.

(From Africa’s Swahili Coast team)

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