“This morning, I went to a church and prayed to Jesus,” exclaimed Jewel as she clutched the New Testament we just gave her. “And now I meet you and you give me an Injil!”

Jewel and her mother traveled to our city from Iran for three days while her father attended a conference.

We met with Jewel and her mother four times over their stay and shared the gospel. On the second visit, we asked Jewel if she was ready to accept Jesus as her Savior. “Yes, of course!” After she prayed, her face glowed. “I was born Muslim. I didn’t have a choice. But today, I choose for myself. On my passport, I am Muslim, but in my heart, I am Jesus!”

The next day, we joined Jewel and her mother on a tour outside the city. For hours, we poured truth and encouragement into this baby believer. At a stop in the tour, we held hands and prayed. After “amen,” her mother spoke excitedly in Farsi. Jewel translated, “When we began praying, she had a terrible headache. Now it’s gone!”

Jewel and her mother returned to Iran, but the team here continues to disciple Jewel via social media. We confidently believe that we’ll soon hear her say, “My mother is Jesus, too!”

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