It was just like any other day. A group of interns and a team member were doing a prayer walk in a neighborhood when they came across a mosque named after a famous spiritual mystic in the country. They stopped and began to pray over the mosque—that people would have real encounters with the living God when they came to this place. As they prayed, the groundskeeper approached and asked if they wanted to see the inside. “Yes,” they replied, and they took a tour of the mosque while the group leader talked with the groundskeeper. The man became emotional with tears in his eyes and expressed that he was so glad that they were visiting this mosque. He wanted the team to know that he wasn’t much different than them—that he desired to know God and that he would never hurt anybody in the name of religion. After the tour, he bought everyone tea and sat with them while they talked.

Soon after, the group was invited to a Qur’an lesson. Not knowing what to expect, they entered the teaching part of the building where a Qur’an teacher and a few other guys had prepared lunch for them. Over the next hour and a half, the team asked questions back and forth, shared Scriptures, and intentionally talked about Jesus Christ. At one point, as all the interns prayed and the leader shared the gospel message of what Jesus accomplished through His death and resurrection, the room became quiet. The men asked no questions; they just listened. These were men who may have never heard the gospel explained ever in their entire lives.

The team received an invitation to return anytime to continue to share and talk.

Please pray with us that God will water the seeds of the gospel in these men’s hearts and that the proclamation of truth will grow and rise within them and that they will respond to the voice of the Spirit and say “yes” to Jesus.

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