As their group came to a stop at the base of a vast mountain range full of unreached peoples, Timothy announced to his friends that there was a bathroom available for 20 rubles per person. As group members filed in and out of the bathroom, Timothy and the cashier Damila made small talk.

Pretty quick into the conversation, Damila teared up and shared that her 27-year-old daughter had died of illness two years before. “I didn’t know what to say,” Timothy remembers, “I didn’t know how to find the right words of comfort in another language.” His heart broke for Damila, and he shared with her that God loves her and that He really can comfort her in her pain.

It was a brief moment, but a strong reminder of the numbers of broken people and their need for the gentle yoke of Jesus to bear their burdens. This region is virtually untouched by the gospel, and many suffer without the hope of Jesus. May the Lord burden our hearts with these lost little ones.

Jesus, we pray for workers to go, that those whom You are calling to be Your mouthpiece in Russia will joyfully respond today.

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