Lily and May are followers of Jesus and university students. They attend a Chinese club where they can practice their Chinese.

One week, Aghavni, a Muslim girl studying Chinese as a second language, came to the club, and afterwards, Lily and May asked her if she wanted to have dinner with them, to which she happily obliged. As they ate, Lily shared her testimony which sparked a conversation of faith. Aghavni was very skeptical of followers of Jesus, and she defended her position with ideas like “the Bible is corrupted” and “Jesus never died.”

Nevertheless, since their first meal, Lily and May have shared the gospel with Aghavni, and they continue to read the Bible together in search of truth. Aghavni has said many times that she thinks Lily and May are her friends. May says, “She sees how much we really love her.”

Pray that the Holy Spirit would show Aghavni truth and that she would accept Jesus as her Savior and forgiver of sins.

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