Five years ago a young man in Iran was watching a Christian TV program. During the program a pastor prayed and said, “Pray this prayer.” Suddenly in that moment, the young man felt the Holy Spirit, fell to the ground, and could not move for ten minutes. He was convinced it was power of the Holy Spirit.

After that, he looked for a Bible and a Christian in his country but found neither. This this past March during Nowruz (Iranian New Year), the young man’s father visited a city outside Iran near the border and encountered a believer in Jesus who gave him a Hope tract and Gospel of John. In the materials was a phone number for seekers to call if they wanted to learn more about Jesus.

When the young man’s father returned to Iran, he immediately gave the materials to his son. The young man rejoiced, called the number, gave his heart and life to Jesus, and now grows daily in his discipleship.

Let’s praise Jesus together for the miracle of salvation in this young man’s life. Jesus, we ask that You would draw this young man close as his roots deepen in You. We pray that he would begin to share the hope of the gospel with his family and friends.

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