“I want to get married now.”
Rather than rejoicing in this news, a team member and I sat there brokenhearted. Stephanie had decided this days ago but wasn’t going to tell us. She continued, “I don’t want to marry a follower of Jesus anymore. I just want to be married.” When we asked why she changed her mind, she answered, “Because it will be too difficult for my family.”
This follows some intensive conversations and prayers about Stephanie telling her family she’s a committed follower of Jesus. We believe she’s running now because she thinks it’s too difficult to share with her family who she really is.
We request urgent prayers and intercession for Stephanie. There is a battle for her soul happening and the enemy is deceiving her. Please pray for her–for wisdom and guidance because the decision right now is in her hands and she could choose to get married any day! Pray for Holy Spirit conviction and vision. Pray for dreams from Jesus!
This is not about a life choice–whether to get married or not. This goes much deeper–is Jesus worth the cost? We know He is! Please pray that Stephanie would be convicted also!
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