His passion for Jesus has been encouraging from the first time we met.

But lately his family has been forcing him to pray with them in the mosque, threatening to cut off his food and schooling if he doesn’t.

He is willing to lose his family to have Jesus.

And it’s precisely because he does have Jesus that he is unwilling for any of his family to be eternally lost.

He now loves them for the right reasons. He knows that they have never heard the good news about Jesus, so he wants to stay near them and to share Jesus with them.

Every week we pray and study the Bible and ask the Holy Spirit for wisdom as we agonize together about how to be faithful.

A few weeks ago, I asked him if I could invite an acquaintance of mine to join our Bible discussions. I warned him that this man has not decided to follow Jesus but is interested in the Old Testament. He was happy to welcome someone new to our meeting.

I opened our time together by praying the words of Psalm 119:18: “Open my eyes, Lord, that I might behold wonderful things in your law.” I was about to read the first verses of Genesis when he stopped me and addressed our guest:

“I want to tell you something before we go on. I am Christian.”

These are rare and bold words where we live.

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