Lexi, a follower of Jesus, regularly shops at the market to buy groceries. Zaria is a Muslim woman who sells greens and herbs at that same market. Zaria and Lexi have become friends.

When Zaria’s husband died suddenly of a heart attack, he left Zaria with three children and no income other than what she brings in from selling herbs. Rather than being able to stay home with her children and grieve, three days after her husband’s death Zaria was back at her stall so she could provide for her children.

Moved by Zaria’s story, Lexi brought groceries and a big home-cooked meal to her at the market. Zaria called Lexi a few days later and told her that she was the only person to bring her family food after her husband died and that she is “a true friend.”

A short time later, Lexi visited Zaria at the market. Lexi suggested finding a time when Zaria and her children could come to Lexi’s home for dinner.  Zaria replied, “That’d be great! You celebrate Easter, right? We don’t celebrate Easter, but I want to see how you celebrate it. Could we come over for Easter dinner?”

Pray that God will continue to work in Zaria’s life. Pray that the friendship between Lexi and Zaria will grow strong and deep roots and that the message of Easter, the gospel of Jesus, will take root in Zaria’s life and in the lives of her three children. Pray that they will find a true friend in Jesus.

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