Last night “Stephanie” and I continued to dialogue about all that was on her heart regarding marriage and her future. This has been weighing heavily on her mind as she doesn’t see how it’s possible for her family to allow her to marry someone who follows Jesus. For the culture, the family must agree to the marriage or it is not seen as marriage in the sight of man.

This led us to talk about how the bigger picture isn’t just about marrying someone who follows Jesus, but about her family understanding her genuine commitment to following Him. This became a very raw and difficult conversation. Countless times, she said, “It’s very difficult, it’s very difficult. If I tell them this, they will make me marry a leader in the mosque. They will not agree with this. They will think I have gone crazy. I’m afraid they will abandon me.”

After talking for a long time about counting the cost and studying Matthew 10 together, I asked her, “Do you still want to follow Him?” “Yes!” she said. “Why?” I asked. “Because He loves me so much and He changed my life. I don’t want to betray Jesus and I don’t want to betray my family, so what can I do?”

Please join us in interceding on Stephanie’s behalf as she walks through denying all to wholeheartedly follow after Jesus. Pray for wisdom and for the Holy Spirit to give her peace and comfort beyond her understanding. Also pray for G0d’s wisdom for myself, my team member, and others who are walking with her through this. We are believing that He is leading her and us for the way and the how to walk through this.

From the Swahili Coast team

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