Tonight at a coffee shop, a teammate and I got to talk about Jesus with a young lady who we shared a table with because no other space was available. We talked to her for two hours.

She opened up and told us about how she was going to get married but they broke it off a month ago. Just two weeks after the split, the guy’s family had already found him a new girl. She was heart broken. She said she had been praying but gave up three days ago.

This young lady has some odd beliefs about psychology and loves to read the writings of atheist teachers. We told her that if she likes spiritual things, she should read the Bible. I pulled one out and she said she would love to read it. She opened it right then to the Beatitudes and started reading.

She reached the second line: “Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted,” and pointed to herself and said, “That’s me.” She took a picture of the page, and I told her she could keep the whole thing. She was a bit surprised, so I told her that it’s my favorite book and when I love something I want everyone else to love it too. So she took it.

I want God to reach this girl. I am reminded of His Fatherly heart and how much it hurts Him to see her hurting. He loves her, we told her, and now I pray that she takes the words she heard and listen. She is precious. She is loved. I pray that she would open up the Word and read about the God who loves her so much that He would send His Son to die for her, just so He can be close.

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