Our Turkish friends invited us to visit some family with them on a Saturday afternoon. We were excited to meet new people and to be the guest of the guest. Upon our arrival, we met more warm, hospitable Turks who were happy to have foreigners join them for food, chai tea, and hearty dialogue.

I was soon the center of attention answering questions about Western culture and religion. This gave me the opportunity to share some great stories starting with creation and ending with the crucifixion. To my surprise my friend who brought me and who knew the stories well chimed in and often finished the stories for me.

It was going so well that I continued on to the rapture and assured them I had a “flight” reservation on that day. The stories were then told more than once as neighbors popped in and asked, “What’s up?” Our hosts replied, “Well, we have a foreigner sharing stories.” So I shared the stories again and again and everyone helped finish them.

But perhaps the most interesting event that happened during all of this truth sharing involved my daughter. While I told stories, she played with the “religious” uncle who usually stops my storytelling. It was as if an angel and my daughter occupied him and allowed peace to be exchanged with our new friends.

On the way home we talked about our time, and my friend said, “My family sure loves you all.”

“Why?” I asked.

He laughed and replied, “Because you told them you’re going straight to heaven–and they believed you!”

He then asked, “Will you take me with you?”

“We can work on that,” I told him.

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